Bareil-Tétreault-Milot Trio

September 2017

" This trio constitutes an ideal of its kind. Ideal in terms of both the instrumental expertise and the musical harmony of its players. Another feature, noteworthy for being so uncommon, is the sound recording (by Carl Talbot in Saint-Augustin-de-Mirabel), in which accuracy and a necessary objectivity harmonize with a beautiful balance among the instruments " - Le Devoir (Christophe Huss)


March 2016

"The result is very effective and the hypnotic rhythms are tantalizing in this performance. (...) Milot’s depiction of the meditative landscape is exquisite. (...) It’s otherworldly. (...) a very fine disc." - The Whole Note magazine (David Olds)

Valérie Milot, Les Violons du Roy & Bernard Labadie

October 2013

“In company of Bernard Labadie and the Violons du Roy, the delicate Valérie Milot brings all the dexterity and finesse [...] to the three most famous harp Concertos.” - La Presse (Claude Gingras)
“The grand Quebec album of the year” - Le Devoir (Christophe Huss)


September 2012

“The amateur will find transcriptions of famous piano works [...] each powerfully evocative and making you forget the original [...] a discovery.”
- La Scena (Alexandre Lazaridès)

“The harpist plays an instrument that is often underesti- mated for its expressive qualities. Aquarelles, her new solo album rich and full of appeal (like her previous albums), initiates the listener to a rich and subtle esthetic.” - Le Soleil (Richard Boisvert)

V - Chamber Music

March 2011

“An original program is what the listener is invited to. The common ground between the five works is the presence of the harp, an instrument that Valérie Milot masters with strength and delicacy. The harp Sonata from Germaine Tailleferre is skillfully interpreted with sensitivity.” - La Scena

Old Friends - Simons&Garfunkel - Tribute

October 2011

“A delicious new release!” - Le Journal de Montréal (Christophe Rodriguez)

“Lets admit that plenty of audacity was needed to reunite these two instruments and be certain that they would harmonize. They blend of colors is sometimes rather Impressionist, sometimes more Celtic, and reveals itself absolutely convincing.” - Le Soleil (Richard Boisvert)

Around Christmas

Novembrer 2012

“This album is filled with little jewels [...] The treasures are hidden here and there [...] There is an evident research that integrates discretely in the mix.” - Le Soleil (Richard Boisvert)

Révélation - Harp Recital

October 2009

“Milot is in the ranks to succeed to Judy Loman as best Canadian harpist.” - Le Devoir (Christophe Huss)

Louis-Philippe Hebert

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