The Jealous LoverSoprano, bassoon & harp


Versailles, 1785. Marie-Antoinette is bored. Her husband, King Louis XVI, prefers to enjoy himself making locks and playing the bassoon rather than paying attention to her. That is when a mysterious foreign diplomat arrives at court. Discreet, attractive, a virtuoso on the harp, he soon makes the young queen's heart beat faster. When Marie-Antoinette decides to put on a concert in which both her husband and her new lover are to perform, things turn out a bit more complicated than she had intended. 

In a humorous performance featuring works by Mozart, Grétry, Méhul and Devienne, soprano Marianne Lambert, bassoonist Mathieu Lussier and harpist Valérie Milot have fun plunging into the refined but hypocritical atmosphere of pre-revolutionary Versailles and taking a few liberties as they revive the melodies that stirred the blood of courtiers and spawned rivalries among them.

Staging: Élise Rivard

Louis-Philippe Hebert

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